6:30 6/1/2020 Council Agenda 



Garage Sales: Per the Governor’s office, garage sales are now allowed,  but the guidelines for retail businesses per Governor Holcomb’s Executive Order 20-26 Section 8 must be followed. That includes social distancing, everyone wearing masks if possible, proper hygiene, and sanitizing the area where the public has access. Per City of Berne Ordinance No. 658, you must have and display a garage sale permit issued by the Clerk’s office.

City Hall remains closed to the public until further notice.  To receive the permit via email, contact Katie Armenta in the clerk’s office at karmenta@cityofberne.com at least 3 business days prior to your garage sale and include the date, number of days (no more than 3 consecutive days during daylight hours) the location of the garage sale and your phone number.

  If you do not have the ability to print out your permit, email or call the clerk’s office (589-8526) at least 5 business days prior to your garage sale and we will send you your permit in the mail. 

The person and/or property owner who is having the garage sale is responsible for the safety and wellbeing of all participants.



  • As the State of Indiana and the City of Berne begin a phased-in approach toward re-opening, I want to update our citizens on how the City of Berne will be addressing these issues.  Please know that the safety of our citizens and our employees will remain my primary focus and number one priority as we proceed to re-open our community.

  • City Buildings - All City Buildings will remain closed to the public including City Hall and the walk-up pay window. Please call City Hall, 589-8526 with any questions or concerns or if you wish to speak with Mayor Sprunger. It is anticipated at this time that the walk-up pay window at City Hall will be open to the public the week of June 1st but is subject to change if conditions warrant. 

  • Utility Bill Payments - We have several methods of payment: US mail, the secure drop box located at the west end of our parking lot, cityofberne.com website and PayGov (1-866-480-8552). If you have questions about your utility bill, please call the utility office at 589-8526.

  • Berne Public Pool - A timeline for a possible opening of the Berne pool is currently being evaluated.  Given the Governor’s executive order and our commitment to keeping our citizens and pool personnel safe, no decision can be made at this time as to when or if the pool will open this season.

  • Lehman Park - All public restrooms will remain closed.  All picnic tables, benches, grills, playground equipment and all ball diamonds (including both boys’ baseball and girls’ softball diamonds) as well as all batting cages will remain closed to the public at this time. As we see how the population in our community and state reacts to the phasing in of parks and recreational facilities, the City of Berne will post information accordingly. However, at the very minimum, we will follow all guidelines from the Governor’s executive orders.

  • Lehman Park Pavilion - The Pavilion will be closed to the public at least through May 31st.  A re-opening date for the pavilion is still to be determined.

  • South Adams Senior Center -The senior center will remain closed to the public until further notice. 

  • Trash Pickup - There is no change to the regular trash routes. Continue to place items curbside on your day of pick up. 

  • Heavy Trash Pickup - Heavy trash pickup has been rescheduled for the first week of June on your day of pickup, but will be subject to further delay if conditions warrant.

  • Compost Site - The compost site on Road 550 South is operating as usual. Compost and mulch for our citizens is subject to availability.

  • Shred Day - Community shred day has been rescheduled to Saturday, September 26 th from 9 am-noon at City Hall.  

I realize that some decisions regarding the timing method of re-opening may be difficult for some to fully understand, but I will continue to try to do my best in making these decisions with public safety a priority. We encourage our citizens to continue to practice social distancing, diligent hygiene and face mask usage in order to keep this virus at bay.  I personally want to thank everyone who has taken this COVID-19 virus seriously.  I continue to believe that together, we as a community will get through this pandemic stronger than ever.  Thank-you,  Mayor Sprunger



4/28/2020 Water Bill

The City of Berne has switched from the postcard style of water bill to a sealed letter sized envelope. Starting May 1st, if you normally receive your water bill in the mail, look for an envelope from the City of Berne and not the postcard! Your bill will have more information about your account and your water usage Your new water bill can still be put in our drop box at city hall by using the return envelope.


4/29/2020 Adams County Solid Waste has announced that their recycling operations will start back up the week of May 4th at their main location only (3775 N 200 E) Monday-Friday 8 am-4 pm and 8 am-noon on Saturday’s.

Recycling at the offsite locations will start the week of May 11th with the Berne location open every Monday from 9am-5:30 pm. ACSWM is asking that you remain in your vehicle and their employees will unload your items for you. Reminder, Berne’s recycle site is re-opening Monday, May 11th.
Lines could be long, please stay in your vehicle, please be patient. If you have any COVID-19 symptoms, please do not visit any ACSWM location.




4/8/2020 Letter from Mayor Sprunger

Dear Berne Citizens:

As we prepare for another two weeks of “Stay at Home” orders from Gov. Eric Holcomb, I wanted to reach out to our citizens and businesses and express my gratitude to all of you who have listened and followed the directives from Gov. Holcomb. This is an unprecedented time in the history of our country, and  all of us have been asked to sacrifice in some way. Closing a business and a school, being laid off or reduced hours to name a few. 

First, I would like to say thank you to the postal workers, delivery drivers, truck drivers, grocery workers, police, firefighters, EMTs, first responders, pharmacy staff and all health care personnel. These are the real heroes. I want to thank them personally for all they are doing on our behalf.

Secondly, I want to ask you to continue doing the things that you have been asked to do by the CDC, Indiana State Department of Health and Adams County Health Department. 

  •      First, it is still important to practice social distancing by staying at least 6 feet apart from another person. Several local businesses have symbols posted on the floor or elsewhere to help customers in this way.
  •      Second, wash your hands with soap for no less than 20 seconds and don’t touch your face, hair or eyes. Following this simple practice is one of the best ways to stop the spread of COVID-19. 
  •      Third, if you feel sick, call your doctor to make sure the symptoms that you have are not COVID-19.

Most importantly, “Stay at Home”.  Don’t go out unless it is absolutely necessary. “Staying Home” has proven to be one of the best ways to stop the spread of COVID-19. This is the way we can take care of ourselves, our families and our community. These next two weeks are vital to the return of normalcy in our community, our county and the State of Indiana. 

We are all  IN this together. 

God’s blessings to everyone.

Mayor Gregg Sprunger


2020 CSO Notice 

Click the flyer below for the 2020 City of Berne general information 


The City of Berne wants you to know that we are here for you, even though we have had to close our offices to the public until further notice.  Please call us at 589-8526  M-F 8:00 am - 4:00 pm or email us anytime at info@cityofberne.com if you have any questions or concerns. Thank-you, stay safe!

The lobby and walkup window will be closed to the public starting Tuesday, March 24th until further notice.  

Updated 3/31/2020 Lehman Park:  Due to COVID-19 guidelines, all playground equipment, public restrooms, park benches, picnic tables and grills  in Lehman Park are closed to the public until further notice. If you go out to exercise, please practice safe social distancing.

 3/27/2020 Update on the Water Street Sewer Separation:  Work on the project is on hold for two weeks because of the COVID-19 pandemic.  The City of Berne will keep you posted if there are any changes

On line bill pay:


Tuesday, March 24, 2020

As we begin another phase in the Corona-19 pandemic, and a new executive order on March 23rd from Governor Holcomb,  I once again am asking our community to remain vigilant in this trying time as COVID-19 continues to impact our daily lives.  Governor Holcomb has ordered those not needing to be out and about to “shelter in place.”  Shelter in Place means to stay at home, get groceries and supplies ONLY when absolutely necessary, seek medical attention when necessary, get gas only when necessary and go to work only if you’ve been deemed exempt under EO -20-08.  These measures,  as well as those taken by the Adams County Commissioners are being implemented for your health and the health of your family and all of our citizens.  Even if you have no symptoms of the virus, or do not have any knowledge of being around someone who might have symptoms or are asymptomatic, please follow the new executive order by the Governor and those of our commissioners. Visit these websites for more information: Indiana Department of Health  Adams County Health Dept  and Center for Disease Control           

Beginning Tuesday, March 24, 2020, the walkup pay window in our lobby will be closed to the public until further notice. We want all of our citizens and our employees to be safe and to take all precautions as directed by Governor Holcomb.

We have several methods of payment: US mail, the secure drop box located at the west end of our parking lot, Cityofberne.com website and  PayGov (1-866-480-8552).

At this time, city services will continue, including trash pick up.  Although there is no public access to city hall,  our office will be staffed during normal business hours Monday-Friday 8:00 am-4:30 pm.    I encourage our citizens to call if you have any questions about your water bill, or any questions or other concerns.  We are still here to serve our citizens, especially in this difficult time.  If  you wish to speak to me directly, please feel free to do so when calling our office at 589-8526.  If you call after hours and leave a voice message, we will get back to you as soon as possible on the next business day.  You can also email us your concerns or questions at info@cityofberne.com.

Public meetings, including council meetings, the Board of Public Works and Safety, the Storm Water Board, BZA and Plan Commission will be decided on as needed basis and the media, our city webpage and FB page will be updated accordingly. 

The Berne Police Department is not currently issuing gun permits because the state has closed this office.  They are also not issuing any solicitors permits for door to door sales until further notice.  At this time, their lobby will remain open to the public, but you are encouraged to call (589-2169) as opposed to entering the lobby.

The City of Berne has closed public access to all city buildings including City Hall, Lehman Park Pavilion, South Adams Senior Center, and the Berne Fire Department until further notice.   

The Adams County Solid Waste Management announced yesterday that all of their recycling locations, including Berne, are closed until further notice.

Even before yesterday’s Executive Order from the Governor, many of our businesses and industries made the difficult decision to close their operations for your safety and the safety of their employees.  As Mayor, I appreciate our local business leaders for being proactive.  I am asking our community to support all of our local businesses once this pandemic has ended.  Together, we will get through this.

If you are able, continue to support our local eateries who offer take out, and  those essential business that are open.  And after all of our businesses re-open,  the term “shop local” will be so important to their survival.

Because our  community has always come together in uncertain or difficult times,  I know we will come together now.   

Be kind, vigilant and be safe.   And please, stay at home.

Sincerely, Gregg  A. Sprunger, Mayor

February 24, 2020

Dear Resident or Business Owner:

As you probably have already heard, the City of Berne will be undertaking a very large Storm Water infrastructure project in the coming weeks that will greatly impact your neighborhood.  As mandated by IDEM (Indiana Department of Environmental Management), we have no choice but to do this separation project, which is the third major Storm Water separation project that the city has done since 2004 to meet IDEM requirements in our Long-Term Control Plan.  As elected officials, we are sensitive to your concerns and the disruptions that you may experience.  Every effort will be made to minimize the impact to you, but with any large project, there will be times that you will be inconvenienced, and no doubt frustrated.  We are asking for your patience, cooperation and understanding during this construction period. The good news about this project is that when it is completed, we will have a newly paved Water Street, two more sections of our infrastructure will be compliant with IDEM regulations, and we will be able to complete this $5.1 million mandated project without raising our storm water rates.  

The City of Berne’s engineering firm, Commonwealth Engineering, will have an inspector onsite for the duration of the project. The inspector’s job is to not only oversee every step of the project, but to also serve as a liaison between the project and our citizens.  In coordinating this project block by block, individual homeowners may be asked to move their vehicles to ensure emergency services have access to homes or businesses in the work area.  If requested to do so, we ask that you follow these instructions for the safety of you, your neighbors and the work crews.   

Commonwealth will hold frequent meetings with the contractor to gauge the progress and the impact on our citizens.  The results of these meetings will be posted on the City of Berne website www.cityofberne.com, the City of Berne Facebook page, The Berne Witness and WZBD. 

If you have questions or concerns that need addressed, please call us at (260) 589-8526. We appreciate your patience and thank you for your cooperation and understanding during this time.


Gregg A. Sprunger, Mayor

Gwen Maller, Clerk Treasurer

Berne City Council


   Click here to see the 2020 Holiday Schedule and Trash Pick-up Schedule when City Hall is closed. 


The 2020 Census is looking for Census Takers.  Click here for more information 


2019 Berne Water Department Consumer Confidence Report


Reminder About Your Pets

The City of Berne has received calls about pets not staying on the owners property or not being under the owners control, including family cats.  Please be kind to your pets and considerate of your neighbors.  

Ordinance 573:


   All animals defined under this chapter that are not maintained and kept within the property boundaries of their owner or harborer, shall be kept on a leash, as defined in this chapter, maintained and controlled by either the owner, the operator, or a person designated by either to have said animal on a leash. No animals shall be permitted to run at large and the apprehension of such animal running at large shall be subject to all of the terms, covenants, and conditions contained in this chapter.

 Title VI/ADA Information


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