During the late 1800’s, European immigrants of various religious faiths began settling in present-day Adams County, Indiana.

In 1852, a small group of devout Mennonites from the Münsterberg (Montagne de Moutier), in the Emmental in the Bernese Jura, Switzerland immigrated to what is now Berne in Adams County. The trip to America was not without peril and five children died during the ocean passage and were buried at sea. Once the group arrived in Berne, they cleared the forests to build homes and fields for farming.

With their journey, they brought with them the strength of their faith, the love of family, a joy of music, an ethic for hard work and their skills as craftsmen. From these humble beginnings, Berne Indiana came in to being.

To this day, Berne holds dear to our rich past as we look forward to our future.

Historic Milestones

1852 - Indiana had already been a state for 36 years
1852 - Indiana held their first state fair and the Wabash Erie Canal was completed
1871 - The first train came through Berne
1872 - First Post Office was established
1887 - Berne was incorporated
1891 - First Bank of Berne was chartered
1900 - The first church was built
1901 - to 1906 Main Street was paved and sewer pipes were laid, electric lights came to Berne
1928 - First boulevard lights were installed
1935 - Berne Public Library was organized