The City of Berne Street Department is responsible for over 24 miles of city streets. In the warmer weather months, a street sweeper is used to keep our streets clean. In the winter, the city employees are responsible for keeping the streets open as a result of snow events.

The City Street Superintendent inspects city streets in the spring and potholes are patched when the temperatures moderate. If you observe a pothole you may call the Mayor’s office (589-0081 or 589-8526) or submit a request by The street department will inspect the location of the request and prioritize according to the severity of the pothole.

If you see a street or stop sign that is bent and needs repair, feel free to email to report the situation. Please include the location including the cross street.

Indiana and Michigan is responsible for the maintenance of city street lights. To report street lights that are out or do not come on at the correct times, you can go directly to their website, call the Berne Police Department (589-2169), the Mayor’s office (589-0081or 589-8526).